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original contemporary abstract oil paintings

original oil paintings for sale
artist George Glennie


original minimal vibrant oil paintings artist George Glennie



Welcome - I hope you enjoy!

Here you can view my original oil paintings

Contemplative and spiritual, these contemporary abstract paintings have emerged from a theoretical basis stemming from Philosophy

Philosophical concepts and concerns such as the Mind/Body Problem, Time, Existence and Consciousness have all provided a conceptual underpinning for my work

  Using lines or 'Verticals' as I prefer to call them, my work defies absolute, rigid definition and explanation - in this way the concerns of the metaphysical aspects of life (meta - after, metaphysical) have been voiced

I adopt a Reductionist approach, resulting in a clean, resonant, minimal aesthetic

This reduced aesthetic, leads to a sense of the mysterious, and of spiritual contemplation in my work

I will resist explaining my work too much

For me, good painting involves viewer interaction, reaction and sensation - never rigid explanation and visual overindulgence

View my gallery of original abstract oil paintings by visiting the gallery page, then selecting the small image to see the full-size painting


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